• Katana is the home of graphic design solutions for every type of product, with experience in an array of industries. Whether it’s a still picture or moving object; whether it includes animation, photography, or computer generated images; whether it’s conveying information or emotion -- we’re a team of incredibly creative professionals, and our artists handcraft every project.

  • Katana consistently delivers high quality work with outstanding imagery. They’ve never missed a deadline for us, and our turn-around time can be very tight sometimes! The amount of detail that they put into our handsets allows us to stand out amongst the competition within the wireless space.

    Nick Holt, Creative Studio Manager, Sprint Prepaid Group

  • Infiniti QX70

    Katana arranged the composition of several high-end images, retouched by our artists to create a more life-like feel and convey speed, elegance and well-being.


    Compositions for the Detroit Auto Show needed to stand out from the crowd, and our team understood that meant keeping the image clean and uncluttered, letting it speak for itself.

  • Infiniti EX

    Computer graphics software called Maya makes incredible images when it’s in the hands of our artists, and in this project we took it from concept and creation all the way through to finalization.