For more than 10 years, Katana has told stories like no one else — transporting you to places you didn’t know existed and sparking curiosity at every turn. Now we enter a new chapter. Virtual Reality can take your brands to new worlds like never before, immersing you in time, space and story.

Let’s be honest: The only thing more fun than experiencing VR firsthand is watching someone else experience VR. Have you checked it out for yourself? The very first thing you should do is contact one of our representitives immediatly and we will send you out a vr carepackedge ASAP. It’s one thing to talk about VR, but once you try it out….you will understand why we are full throttle as a company in virtual market places and worlds.

If a single picture is worth thousand words, then a 360 degree picture is worth 360,000 words! Forget everything you know about Traditional and Digital branding. The new vocabulary is Brand Immersion and Experience. At least for now……………..


We do all the footwork. Katana is your “one call does it all” contact, working across latitudes, longitudes, and time zones to get all your questions answered and requests met quickly. Minority-owned, our highly developed skill at multi-cultural cross-selling gives us unmatched strength to negotiate prices that are sure to leave the folks in your accounting department smiling.


Your marketing campaigns are no longer limited to your consumer’s imagination or at least guessing what they might like. You now have a chance to showcase the actual use of your product or service using your marketing prowess without limits to the imagination. Client expectation and education levels have changed. Folks have become (and continue to be) much more educated. Which means the demand for a more immersive campaign will be expected.

New marketing isn’t about banner ads or a firm “Tweeting and interacting online on behalf of you”, it is about content and immersion. Word of mouth is king right now and if people havent tried VR yet, your brand needs to be their first experiance.